Time for a pre-winter check with Garside Garage
17th November 2020
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Don’t wait until Winter sets in to get your vehicles Health Checked! Garside Garage is open!

As we draw closer to Winter and the thermometer is dropping, we can expect changes in the weather bringing icy roads, snow, and fog. The evenings are drawing in too, darkness happens a little earlier each day.

Any vehicle is only as good as the level of maintenance in which it is kept, even little used cars must be kept in good working order and it makes good sense for everyone who drives a vehicle to have the essentials checked out by the professionals at Garside Garage.

Lights, are they in full working order? Can you be seen in the dark or fog?

Brakes, are they in good working order? Essential whatever the weather.

Batteries do a lot of work, if they are old or in poor condition, they can let you down.

Diagnostics, Garside Garage is fully equipped to run diagnostic checks on your car. Diagnostic checks can spot a problem early before it becomes a breakdown. The professional team can run diagnostic checks, identify any component issues, and carry out the repair to ensure your safety.

Garside Garage is owned by Paul Holt; Paul owns Bury Mini Bus Hire our leading local mini bus service provider who operates throughout Bury and Greater Manchester.

As we approach the end of lockdown and Christmas is only days away it is wise to act now and get your vehicle health check completed. It is highly likely that once lockdown ends people will rush to book their cars in as during Christmas and New Year businesses will close. So act now!

Meanwhile, what can you do to prepare for bad weather driving?

Keep an ice scraper in your car – and one in the house because if the car locks are frozen one will be accessible whilst you defrost the car.

Put a shovel in your car boot just in case you get stuck in snow.

Place a bag of sand/salt or cat litter in the boot, great for getting you moving on icy roads.

Hazard triangle, to place behind your car/van if you break down. (It makes good sense all year round.)

A torch.

Put a blanket or two in the boot and some warm clothing.

Keep your (fully charged) mobile phone with you.

Make sure that you are safe and well prepared this Winter by giving your car a Garside Garage Winter Heath Check.

Book yours today!




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