The Stables Country Club is looking forward to reopening its doors, meanwhile stay safe and keep fit as best you can.
21st January 2021
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Sadly, the Stables Country Club is not open during the current lockdown, but the team is looking forward to welcoming everyone back!


Covid19 has disrupted every aspect of life as well as businesses. However, with the rollout of the vaccination programme, hopefully, we can all look forward to getting back to a more normal life. Meanwhile, the expert team at The Stables Country Club recommend that people do their best to stay well and take exercise as much as they can bearing in mind the Covid19 regulations.


Exercise is allowed during lockdown. The rules state that we can exercise outdoors, they do not state a time limit of how long we can exercise but they do say that we should minimise the time spent outside our homes. Walking ones dog is seen as a necessary exercise – walkies! We are also allowed to walk to the shops so long as they are close by in order to purchase necessary items such as food. Leave your car at home the walk will do you good! Masks need to be worn when we enter shops.


Staying healthy and relatively fit will help build your defences against illness, remembering that underlying health conditions can also be made worse by a total lack of exercise.


Many local people will be planning weddings for after lockdown and it makes good sense to stay healthy to be able to fully enjoy your big day at The Stables when the time comes. Rest assured that weddings and many other events will resume as soon as the pandemic is under control. The Stables team are ready and waiting for you?


Walking is one of the most beneficial exercises that are simple to do and great for both physical and mental health. Most people should be able to walk around the block, use the stairs rather than a lift where possible, stairs are great for getting your heart rate up whether you are going up or down.


Simple measures can make whole lot of difference, watch your diet because after the festive season some of us are carrying extra weight so a bit of exercise and improving your diet should help you to stay healthy.


The Stables Country Club and Fitness facilities will be open and ready to welcome you as soon as possible, meanwhile stay safe.


Wedding and event planners should contact The Stables today!


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