The perfect solution for landlords and agents - Property Medics for all of your maintenance needs
20th April 2018
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When it comes to property ownership and management, just one of the issues you'll face is dealing with the work and maintenance that comes alongside it. Finding trusted contractors that fulfill your obligations to do a clean, tidy, professional and quality job can often be a minefield. Wouldn't it be better if just one call or email could rectify that, with someone available to make those repairs in no time at all?

Simplify your maintenance work with Property Medics

With a tried and tested network of local contractors which include everything from plumbers and electricians to the delivery of EPC's and inventory services, Property Medics are in effect a one stop shop, enabling you to get on with the day to day instead of choosing and chasing contractors to get the job done.

Just one point of contact ensures that the right person is found for the job. The whole process from beginning to end is audited and reported and the regulatory documentation is delivered efficiently.

Property Medics save you time. They've sourced the contractors carefully to ensure satisfaction to all, no matter how large or tricky the job may be and each will be matched to the task required.

A number worth storing, Property Medics can help businesses in all sectors. No matter what your enquiry, they're worth making that call to find out more.

For more information, call 0161 451 3164

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