The newbie at thebestofbury and Made in Bury has arrived!
15th December 2017
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All about me:

Upon graduation, I obtained my degree in Business and Marketing Management and began working in various retail sales roles which has given me the commercial and analytical skills I have today. I then decided to pursue my career in marketing which has lead me to where I am today.

My journey so far

The nerves are always present when starting a new role and specifically when the role is in a different sector; I thought 'how am I going to remember everything'. Walking through the office door at 8.40am (you must turn up early) to friendly faces always makes you sigh with relief and reassurance.

I was plied with lots of caffeine and ready to begin. My first task was to research local events in the Bury area and I found a variety of different events for all the family. What am I going to do with all these events now I asked myself, 'you’re going to upload them to the CMS system' came from a voice across the office - I panicked.

Within 10 minutes I had my first event loaded onto the website with write ups, images and contact information. You can check out my first event upload here ( The first day nerves had settled, and I was in full swing with finding, creating and spreading awareness of all local events in Bury - a total of 15 to be exact were uploaded later that day.

The following days

A long drive home, I walked in to be greeted with corned beef hash with dumplings (lots of brown sauce) - bliss.

The second, third and fourth days soon came and I continued to be there in plenty of time, mainly to get a brew and settle down for the day ahead. These were totally different days as I was inputting reviews from clients onto the system which required a very keen eye to decipher much of the handwriting. A total of 51 reviews later - I was reviewed up.

I grasped Twitter relatively quickly and began tweeting and sharing fabulous and informative tweets on behalf of clients for the month of December. I scheduled my tweets first thing in the morning, dinner times when people check their phones/tablets or later in the evening when arriving home from the office to achieve the most captivating audiences.


Numerous tweets later this has brought me to my final task for the week - blogging. This is my first blog with many more to come soon, so keep your eyes peeled. I look forward to working with the local businesses of Bury. For all of those that I have yet to, and look forward to meeting from the network, I can be contacted on:


Telephone: 0161 447 8814

Twitter: @thebestofbury / @madeinbury

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Hi, I'm Ian the Marketing Assistant at thebestof and Made in Bury. Before this role, I have gained numerous years Sales & Marketing experience working in large organisations such as NCP and H&M. If you...

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