The Leadership Development and People Management Training Programme
2nd April 2024
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People Matters HR's Leadership Development and People Management Training Programme enhances managers' capabilities to optimise team performance, emphasising the importance of skilled leadership for individual growth and company success.


Led by managing director Niel Cope, the programme offers tailored HR-related training sessions. It benefits organisations by improving leadership effectiveness at all levels, from frontline to executive, ultimately driving business growth. The "Exceptional" business package includes monthly training sessions for leaders, at no extra cost, and customised guidance on specific issues.


Why is it important?

Individuals working within an organisation can thrive when their managers possess the skills and confidence to engage effectively. People Matters HR assists managers in understanding their own approach before demonstrating how to apply acquired knowledge in a leadership context. Strong and effective leadership is integral to both individual growth and the success of the company.


Who benefits?

Clients of People Matters HR seek enhancement of skills for first and second-line managers. The overarching goal remains the development of individuals to deliver results, whether on the frontline or in the boardroom at the executive level.


How People Matters HR can help

The 'Exceptional' business package provides monthly training for existing and new leaders, as well as those responsible for managing staff, at no extra cost. Moreover, bespoke sessions led by managing director Niel Cope cover all major HR-related topics, catering specifically to employees lacking formal instruction.

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