The benefits of hiring an apprentice with Business Solutions Bury College
8th January 2016
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Hiring an apprentice can be hugely advantageous for businesses. Here, in this blog for Business Solutions Bury College, we discuss exactly why.

In 2014/2015, there were 499,900 apprenticeship starts, an increase by over 50,000 from the year before. Over 2.4 million apprenticeships were created between 2010 and 2015, but the figures don't stop there; the current government has an aim for 3 million over the course of parliament. The fact remains that businesses are hiring; they're choosing an apprentice over a graduate; they're hiring multiple apprenticeships; they're training, and they're not looking back.



Although there are many out of work, there are many businesses that simply can’t find candidates with the relevant skills or hands-on experience for a particular role. Hiring an apprentice allows you to train an employee so that they can fill the role perfectly. You will be working towards a fully qualified workforce.

Improving productivity

You’ll have more staff, so increasing productivity is obvious isn’t it?


Employees can change the dynamics of a workplace and apprentices are no different. Enthusiastic and dedicated, they can help motivate other members of staff.


A study has found that apprentices usually pay for themselves within two-four years, and that’s excluding the help of government grants and incentives.


With an entry-level role and learning on the job, an apprentice will know your business inside out, more-so than employees who have trained elsewhere. You can shape them, encourage them and motivate them to become an even bigger, integral part of your company.

Financial Gain

More recently, the AGE grant took the financial worry away from businesses about hiring an apprentice. This gave businesses matching criteria £1,500.

Apprentices are cheaper to train yet just as hard working. Not just that, but you’ll be giving a young person the opportunity to thrive and learn new skills.


If you would like to hire an apprentice, contact Business Solutions Bury College.

Business Solutions Bury College is a local training provider working with apprentices and companies in the borough. Their role is to source candidates, interview and hire. As one of the region’s leading training providers, Bury College is currently working with 750 employers and over 4000 employees across Bury and Greater Manchester providing professional qualifications, customised training, short courses, work-based qualifications and apprenticeships.

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