The Autumn North West Premier Business Fair will be held on 13th October at The Village Hotel, Bury!
16th August 2022
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The North West Premier Business Fair in association with BusinessLodge and Square Peg Associates is back and will be held at the Village Hotel Bury on 13th October!

The event will be held between 4pm and 7pm in two excellent rooms, the main room and the bar rooms, with networking in a separate room for some supercharged speed networking which is a major feature of the day. Speed networking will run between 7:30pm and 8:30pm.

There will be over 60 exhibition stands with some of the top businesses in the North West exhibiting. Will your company be represented? The footfall this year is likely to be a record, as B2B and B2C attendees are enjoying getting back to normal post COVID and because The Village Hotel Bury is a major venue, there will be no shortage of parking available.


With 60 plus local businesses exhibiting and represented by their key team members, the North West Premier Business Fair gives you the opportunity to forge new relationships and show that you mean business. This in turn makes these few hours the most valuable investment in time and commitment that you'll make this year! 

Speed Networking is one more example of the power of this event and this time it's sponsored by Connect Comms. Within a short time one can have contact with dozens of potential customers, service providers, suppliers and more, all of which can be followed up at leisure at a later date. Don’t forget to take plenty of business cards!


Businesses thrive on initiatives such as this. The Best of Bury supports the North West Premier Business Fairs and constantly works to provide a secure, dependable and professional platform from their base in BusinessLodge Bury.

Would you like to show your business at the North West Premier Business Fair? Why wouldn’t any serious business person looking to grow their business be there?

There may still be some exhibition stands available, but you will have to act quickly to secure yours, please click here to register your interest.

If you’d like to attend as a delegate, you can do so for free here.

Join in with the North West Premier Business Fair and drive your business up a league!

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