TELL US about your Halloween spooktaculars and Bonfire Night bonanzas in Bury!
11th September 2015
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Upload your Halloween or Bonfire Night event onto our website completely free of charge, where it will be seen by thousands of local people!

At thebestofbury, we are the hub for all things local – including events; this is why we are regularly updating our website to showcase what’s happening in the borough, for you.

We know that it can be difficult (and often last minute) to make Halloween and Bonfire Night plans for the family, which can often lead to tantrums and an unfortunate evening in the house watching TV. This is why we are CALLING for all those living in the borough to tell us about any Halloween-themed and Bonfire Night events you know of.

Why? So we can tell everyone else. It’s a fantastic, exciting time of year that our families love, and for this reason, we want you to upload it onto our site – for free. Our events pages receive a LOT of traffic (thousands of views, in fact) and therefore it’s good for your event and also good for the people of Bury, as our website is a hub for all things Bury-related.

You might be hosting a public party, firework display, Halloween spooktacular or big Bonfire, well, if you are, simply click here.

All you need to do is input the details into the website, including date, time, price and what will be happening (activities, food, drinks, etc).

If you want more information, email Holly on (you can send details of the event via email if you wish). 


*We reserve the right to remove any event we find to be inappropriate.




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