Synergy Dental Clinic Bury puts your oral health first!
26th September 2019
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Synergy Dental Clinic Bury has been part of the Synergy Group since 2011, however the original practice was with us for long before.

Synergy Dental Clinic Bury has an outstanding reputation for impeccable customer service, has a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere aimed at putting patients at ease. The entire team maintain the highest standards and offer an impressive list of treatments to their present and prospective customers.

Dental health is not just about treatment for problem teeth, it is an essential tool in checking on general health and maintaining healthy teeth in good order, creating beautiful smiles, educating patients about oral hygiene and encouraging children to take an active role in having healthy teeth for life.

A qualified dentist can spot other health issues by examining one’s mouth during regular dental examination, plus organise a management plan to deal with ongoing issues that may occur especially as people grow older.

Having a healthy smile gives a person confidence and a sense of well-being and is a primary objective of good oral management.

There are many dental treatments available and a member of the Synergy dental team will be able to advise about what needs to be done and organise a plan to make it happen to suit each patient.

Procedures including filling cavities in teeth to protect the remaining tooth, fitting crowns to protect a tooth, fitting bridges to facilitate replacement where a tooth is missing, designing and fitting dentures where required, removing teeth that are detrimental to your overall health and comfort – including removing wisdom teeth, are all available and every person will be given excellent care and steps will be taken to reduce anxiety throughout.

Synergy offer their Synplan payment option to spread the cost so that everyone can have their teeth looked after by the professionals without worrying about the cost.

The cost of not having regular check ups is far greater than the cost of treatment! Patients are asked to pay a small monthly payment, and this allows them insurance cover for top quality dental care including emergencies.

Synplan members also receive a discount of 10% for facial aesthetic treatments including line and wrinkle removal.

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