Stay safe this Christmas with lighting advice from Connect Electric.
19th December 2019
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We hope that everyone will enjoy the fun and excitement of Christmas and in particular we urge care so that the joy is complete.

A few words about staying safe over Christmas.

Christmas tree lights bring joy to us all, however, care must be taken. Check that the Christmas tree lights were purchased from a reliable source and are safe to use in the UK. Also, make sure you have correct spare bulbs as the wrong bulbs can cause problems. Older light sets are charming but make sure the wiring is unbroken and that the set is safe to use. Always unplug fairy lights when checking or changing the bulbs!

Be careful to not overload the tree with decorations making it unstable as it may fall over onto children or pets.

Don’t overload power sockets with too many appliances at once. Use an extension cable from a recognised supplier and only use them as specified.

Computers and computer- based games may require quite a few mains sockets, so buy a fused multi socket unit from a recognised supplier that will take all the plugs and the electrical loading required.

Turn off the Christmas tree lights when you go to bed and when you leave the house.

Make sure you have enough batteries so that the new toys don’t run flat over the holiday.

Newly purchased Mobile Phones are always supplied with a dedicated power unit, always use the correct charger – using the wrong one is dangerous!

Candles are a favourite at Christmas time, but care is needed to ensure the family is kept safe. Keep lit candles away from Christmas trees, real or artificial trees will burn fiercely if they catch fire!

Keep candles away from Christmas cards and decorations as they are flammable!

Most important.

Keep children wearing party dresses and dress-up outfits away from an open fire and from any lit candles. Many garments are now fire proof – check the labels, however for safeties sake please take care!

Wrapping paper and spent crackers are flammable so be careful when and where they are discarded. They may be recyclable.

Care at Christmas makes the whole occasion safe and fun, allowing everyone to have a wonderful time, a Christmas to remember for all the right reasons. Enjoy!



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