State of the art communications systems at Klowdfone Bury and they are offering 10% discount!
2nd March 2020
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Local go to company specialising in telephony systems Klowdfone is now offering 10% off all telecoms plans and hardware, so if you have money in your budget-pot now is the time to leap into the 21st century by investing in an upgrade!

Communication between customer/client and your organisation, no matter how large or small, is vital, time lost is money down the drain! Worse still business opportunities lost are a total disaster!

Historically communications were accepted as being important but with telephone systems being low tech (high tech in their day but in contemporary terms very low tech) there was little that could be done beyond making certain the telephone was answered by the third ring. Presently we are liberated by modern hi-tech solutions, but the perception is that they are beyond the grasp of many SME’s, with a lot of us wondering which ‘cloud’ the techies are talking about! The truth is that the answer is simple thanks to Klowdfone who are local specialists with a high-tech profile, a friendly smile and excellent customer service and they have a solution to suit almost everyone!

Klowdfone offer 3 plans to enable clients to budget according to their needs whilst having access to new technology solutions that will match their everyday needs.

Plan 1 is a ‘pay as you go’ option that offers a multitude of facilities such as:

Calling UK landlines, UK Mobiles, International, Mobile app, Desktop app, Computer control, Auto attendant, High-definition voice, Call forwarding, Call transfer, Call History, Call waiting, Call paging, Call handoff, Hunt groups, Voice mail, Voice 2 email, Music/marketing on hold, Conferencing, Time profiles, Address book and standard integration.

Plan 2 offers similar facilities but offers unlimited calls as compared to Plan 1 which has a fixed price of 1p per minute.

Plan 3 offers similar facilities to Plans 1 and 2 but is enhanced substantially by CRM integration, recording and reporting whereas for Plans 1 and 2 they are charged for separately.

All plans allow Team collaboration as an extra.

SME owners you can bring to your business 21st century telecoms enabling smart communications to boost your business, avoid losing business and maintain healthy management control over your staff members.

Which plan works for you? Klowdfone of Bury will bring you up to speed, ask now!



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