Solar panel repairs and electric car charge points from Connect Electric
19th July 2016
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On a day like today (the sun is shining and we’ve got predictions of 32 degrees!), solar power just makes sense. it's free energy provided by the sun, which we collect via solar panels on our roofs.

But it’s sometimes not that simple, as we do tend to have days where it rains all day and the weather is just not on our side. During the winter months, sometimes we’re subject to storms, which can cause damage to the solar panels on our roof.

This is where Connect Electric come in! They’re a friendly and personable team who not only install solar panels, but they can repair them too. They have a passion for renewable energy and they want to help us make the most of it – so you can be sure that they’re going to do a great job at ensuring your property is secure as they fit or repair your solar panels.


Solar power isn’t the only form of energy we’re making the switch to. Our cars are becoming hybrids, and there’s also the option for fully electric cars which just require plugging in to charge, instead of using precious fossil fuels in the form of petrol or diesel.

When you purchase an electric car, there are points all over the UK where you can charge your car, but that’s no use if you’re about to leave home and you’ve noticed that you’re completely out of charge. Once again, Connect Electric can come to the rescue and install a charging point in your garage to ensure you’ve got plenty of juice before you leave for work in the morning!

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles can provide electric car owners with a grant to help them install a charging point at home, which covers up to 75% of the cost, and is capped at £500 per eligible vehicle. You can take a look at the eligible vehicles here.

So if you’d like to speak to Connect Electric regarding solar panel repairs or installing a plug-in charge point for your vehicle, simply click the blue box below to visit their feature page, where you can submit your enquiry. 

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