Sky TV in Another Room for £75 with Walshaw Aerial Services
31st May 2013
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One of our newest members is offering a fantastic special deal on Sky TV this month.

If you already have Sky in one room, Walshaw Aerial Services can install it in a second room for you. This works by running an additional cable from your existing Sky box and will not cost you anything extra on your subscription.

Having Sky in an extra room means that you can watch TV in your living room or even in bed, whilst you're in the kitchen or in a dining room - basically anywhere in the house. It also means that if you're doing things around the house you won't miss parts of your programme!

Mitchell from Walshaw Aerial Services can install Sky TV in a second room for just £75 and he'll even throw in a free remote control too. Getting this fantastic special offer couldn't be easier - just click here and mention "The Best of Bury" to Mitchell when you call.

And if this excellent offer wasn't enough, it's also great to know that Mitchell is highly experienced in all types of aerial installation, even if you live in an area with poor reception. Mitchell will explain the best aerial option for you and his prices are very competitive.

For more information about Walshaw Aerial Services please visit the feature here.

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