Screens, shields and more - all the covid protection you need from GJ Plastics
26th November 2020
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GJ Plastics of Bury produce screens, shields, sneeze guards and a good deal more protection to keep people safer during the Covid 19 pandemic and for the future, providing health and safety protection for customers and staff!

Anti-Covid 19 essentials produced and sold by GJ Plastics include:

Anti-Covid protection guards.

Acrylic anti-sneeze guard screens are designed to help in the battle against Covid 19 and manufactured to establish a space between employees and customers. This product is ideal for banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, food-stalls, butchers and bakers and similar customer facing situations. Being portable they can be moved to where they are most needed. The sneeze guards come with 400x125mm slot through which payment may be made.

Floor standing protection screens.

Are perfect for customers who require a larger but cost-effective protective screen. Being roller banner style they can be used in hair dressing salons, barber shops, hotels  and retail establishments, indeed wherever there is a need for a mobile protective screen. This product comes with an aluminium case and is easily assembled in a moment or so.

Plus, there are floor graphics signs for social distancing messages, handwashing/sanitising and Covid 19 signage for internal and outdoor use.

Coronavirus, Covid 19, could be with us for a long time. The need to remain cautious will continue even after a ‘cure’ is found, which we all hope will be soon. However, the need to maintain protection for customers, working people, staff and visitors will possibly be with us for years to come. In short, the more items of protection that we employ, screens, sneeze guards, shields and the other defences such as hand washing and sanitizing, keeping ones distance from one another and protecting our vulnerable loved ones, the better.

In any case having protection from contamination by transmission of illnesses is a health and safety matter for all employers, employees, and visitors to any premises. It makes perfect sense to buy protective items required now and keep them in use long into the future.

GJ Plastics Ltd is a local firm with 30 years plus experience of producing top quality Acrylic Display Products, Signage, and Promotional display materials, plus Correx Printing.

Call today to order your Covid protective products, they are just what you need to keep your people safe!


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