Regain your confidence with hair implants from DHI
3rd January 2017
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DHI are a name well known for hair loss procedure and implantation, working with some well known names to improve their hairline; names that include BBC broadcaster and former England cricketer Phil Tufnell and former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag.


The process couldn't be easier, but can for some be life changing, giving boosted confidence and self esteem.

Hair loss 

Hair loss can happen to anyone at any time.
This can be due to a medical condition, heredity or age.
Whatever the cause, there is a solution and DHI can help.


With DHI there are a number of solutions. From the most well known - direct hair implants, to PRP which is a hair loss treatment that thickens and stimulates growth, scalp micro pigmentation, hair prosthetics which require no medical intervention, to other body areas such as eyebrow, beard and body hair restoration as well as shampoos and lotions to encourage and maintain hair growth.

DHI believe that having as much information about their products and procedures is incredibly important, this is why you can read all about each one here  


You may have heard the term "one size fit's all"
It certainly doesn't!
At DHI, you'll receive an accurate diagnosis to your symptoms.
From research done by DHI, around 67% of men and women went ahead with treatments without an accurate diagnosis first. Due to the state of the art modern technology that DHI have created, you can be assured of the correct diagnosis followed by the right treatment, first time.


The procedure 

Quite simply explained, healthy hair follicles are extracted from a healthy area and kept at a specific temperature in a solution that enhances their development once placed in their final location.
These are then injected one by one to the recipient using a specially designed tool which has a diameter of 1mm or less.
The process can see 4,000 hairs extracted and placed in 7 hours, 6,000 over two days and the process is painless. You can find out more here 



Prices for hair loss treatments start at just £300 with hair implantation starting at £3,000. Hairs equate to approx 1.5 euros each. A small price to pay for a new lease of life and self esteem.

Satisfied clients 

DHI is administered at DHI Blackpool but enquiries can be made at any Synergy Dental Practice.
There have been many satisfied clients pass through the doors that have undergone what they feel has been a total transformation. You can read a selection of reviews here
Contact can also be made directly with a number of clients who have used the services of the Blackpool clinic.

Why DHI?  

DHI have been researching and developing this product for over 45 years and are trusted worldwide for a variety of treatments. All patients receive 100% natural results.
They're a name that's got the best reputation, a proven track record and have provided treatment to over 200,000 clients worldwide from all walks of life including many celebrities. Why would you consider going elsewhere?

Free consultation 

You can currently take advantage of a free consultation at the Blackpool Clinic.
Simply call the Blackpool clinic on 01253 348 616
or Synergy Dental Clinic, Bury for more information on T: 0161 933 7708

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