Rammy Handywoman makes short work of Odd jobs and Big ones too!
18th December 2020
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The clue is in the name Attention for Detail! Many household jobs require patience and an eye for detail, supported by the ability to get it right and at a sensible price. Exceptional customer care and service is important too and having a handywoman like Tina is a positive bonus!

Winter time is good for planning the big jobs that you want doing before Spring. Meanwhile wear and tear happens and so do accidents that require attention before the damage gets any worse! Tina is an expert in doing those odd jobs and welcomes people who need her help. Judging by her outstanding customer reviews Tina has good Attention for Detail and is building a fine reputation for reliability, trust and excellent work!

Decorating, Tina is a dab-hand with a paint brush.

Wallpapering, wallpaper hanging is a job for Tina.

Tiling, properly done tiling requires close Attention for Detail to get it done perfectly!

Re-grouting, removing the old and replacing it with new will make it look brand new.

Odd jobs undertaken by Attention for Detail,

Hanging pictures or mirrors correctly,

Re-sealing baths and showers,

Fitting blinds, curtain-poles and hanging the curtains,

Clearing gutters, they collect leaves etc during autumn and winter, if left there is a risk of overflowing water affecting the property. Best get it done at the first opportunity.

Putting up shelves (level) and cupboards,

Assembling flat-pack furniture,

Fixing leaky taps,

Changing light bulbs,

Basic plumbing.

There are many small jobs that crop up from time to time, sometimes they accumulate, and they become a nuisance. Bringing people into your home to do the work at this difficult time is not easy, who can you trust? Will they do a proper job? Will they leave your home in a worse state that it was before?

Rest assured that Tina of Attention for Detail has an outstanding record of being safe and very good at what she does. Having been a member of The Best of Bury for well over 6 years Tina is one of the most trusted and respected tradespeople in Town!

Contact Tina and arrange for her to pop in.

Call now and arrange for her to call as soon as possible!


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