Proofing your roof for years to come
5th January 2017
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With GRP Roofing you are guaranteed a roof installation that will last and last (and last).

GRP are installers of flat roof systems, the likes of those that you would find on many garages.
They are waterproof and durable and come with the knowledge that it will last a good 30 years.


Upon installation, your existing roof covering will be removed and at this point your roof joists will be checked to ensure there is no rot. Your roof insulation will also be assessed to ensure it is still in good condition and fully functional.

A GRP Roofing system has no joints and is a completely sealed surface so you can be assured there are no opportunities for water to break through. 
A welcome relief for your contents.

And lastly.......

A GRP flat roof also means that you'll never have to do any maintenance, reason in itself to have one installed.

For more information, call the team on T: 0161 956 2442

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