Preparing your car for summer with LNK Motors
13th June 2019
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The summer holidays are a notoriously busy time of year - but don't fear! LNK Motors are here to make your lives that little bit easier.

1) Check your air conditioning

This seems like something that would be fairly obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many people forget to check their air conditioning!

There's nothing worse than a family all cramped in an overheated car with no cool air to chill everyone, be sure to double and triple check by turning it to the coldest setting with the fans up. If working, you have a fully successful air conditioning system!

2) Preparing for emergencies

Failure to prepare - prepare to fail! Making sure you are fully prepared for an emergency is vital when on the road. Having a first aid kit, spare engine oil or even the correct money for tolls could potentially save your holiday!

3) Checking windscreen wipers

Before you go away, it's always best to check your windscreen wipers are working. Having working windscreen wipers is a legal requirement, after all!

4) Travelling at the correct times

Travelling strategically could save you hours in the car and keep your passengers happy!

It's recommended that you travel early in the morning or after 6pm on a Saturday. The best days to travel are between Monday and Wednesday.

For more information on cars or to find out more about buying a car, feel free to drop into the LNK Motors showroom in Hollins Vale or give them a call on 0161 933 7734.

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