Pixelwave tell us how 'The Power of Video' will Boost Your Business Success!
14th April 2021
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Over the past 12 months, so many of us have learnt the importance of video for communication with the likes of Skype and Zoom helping us to hook up with our family, friends and professional associates during lockdown.


According to Pixelwave Creative, video should continue to be a key part of all our communication strategies as we move forward beyond Covid.


The Bury-based video production specialist is expecting a growing interest in its video services as local businesses look for new ways to share their stories with the community within the new era of social distancing.


Evidence shows that character driven stories with emotional content results in better understanding of the key points that someone wishes to make and enables better recall of these points weeks later.


Indeed, in a series of experiments neuroeconomics researcher Paul Zak found that visuals cause our brains to release the oxytocin neurochemical that influences social behaviour and emotion, leading to a build-up of trust in a product or brand and increases sales.


In addition, brain expert and behavioural scientist Dr Susan Weinschenk suggests there is a brain function that hard wires us to use the human face as a gathering point for information and believability, and when we hear a human voice speaking, we are more likely to convert the information into meaningful content.


Are you ready to make a connection with your customers? Incorporating video into your communication strategies can help you inform people of your post-lockdown plans, as well tell your exciting story to a new audience.


Get in touch with Pixelwave Creative to make the most of communicating via video. - Click here and contact them today! 


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