Pixelwave Creative’s Professionally Produced Video Testimonials make an Immediate Impact!
8th July 2021
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Do you work hard to build your business into a recognisable brand that delivers every time? How do you feel when your customers write Testimonials for you, fabulous? How much better would it be if those customer testimonials actually spoke to your clients saying how great you are, your business is professional, and the service is great?

To the above, you can!

Pixelwave Creative Ltd is our local professional full-service video production company headed up by JP Woffenden and has been a highly trusted business member of The Best of Bury, the home of the very best businesses in Town and beyond, for over 4yrs!


Pixelwave Creative produce creative and engaging content for businesses and organisations of all types and in all sectors and they do have the ability to create video testimonials to reach the heart of your customer base. It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, how many millions of printed words is a personal testimonial worth?

Strategic marketing works, reaching out to ever-wider market places SME’s and sole traders can now do business globally therefore the need for 21st Century communication of your USP and catalogue is essential, as are your successes, having a real-life person praising you and your business ‘live’ will fix your business in the mind of all who see it!

Pixelwave Creative is a top-line professional organisation with a dedicated team whose commitment is to create business content to maximise the impact and deliver the clients narrative across a multitude of disciplines including firms involved with the events industry, Healthcare, education organisations, corporate and business.

Corporate by Pixelwave Creative ensures the highest standard of professionalism in creating videos presentations for watching online, during events and in learning environments and training scenarios locally and across the world.

Creative by Pixelwave uses their creativity to translate your brief into a Video Presentation that will engage your audience from start to finish, whilst informing and educating them on the message that you really want them to hear and understand.

Competitive with Pixelwave Creative, the Team at Pixelwave Creative want everyone to have access to the services that they provide, therefore their competitive rates and flexible approach to every project means that their services are accessible to all.

The effective use of Pixelwave Creatives approach to producing professional Video Testimonials and High Impact Videos is probably the most cost-effective investment that any businessman could make!

Contact the professionals at Pixelwave Creative today and make a start - click here!

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