New! GJ Plastics announce their brand-new range of Shelving and Bookcase units!
10th March 2021
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Sleek, attractive, built for purpose, very efficient and ergonomically designed to facilitate business needs. Storage of files for business, academic and family needs is a must for busy people who need to have quick and easy access to well organised books and documents often in a limited space. Creating a line of products that will look just as good in the home as in ones business premises is very sensible due the large numbers of people who work from home.

GJ Plastics of Bury have once again risen to a business need that translates across a wide range of disciplines and users from office space to exhibition space, shop and window displays to reception area displays etc, these excellent units are multi-purpose and come in a variety of sizes.


GJ Plastics Ltd is a local company with over 30 years experience in supplying the needs of businesses across the North West. The Company produces a large range of Acrylic Display Products, Signage and Promotional Display products and Correx Printing.

Recently GJ Plastics have worked tirelessly to produce Anti Covid Sneeze Guards and Social Distancing products designed to protect customers and staff in a variety of locations. Innovation is the ethos of GJ Plastics who employ their long experience and skilled manufacturing capability to match current needs.

We eagerly anticipate an early return to ‘normal’ with the Covid19 pandemic appearing to be less of a threat thanks to the medical interventions being taken and the slow release of the constraints on business. Will you be ready? Businesses of all types where the public and their employees come together will be required to implement safeguarding strategies to counter any risks that remain.

Now is the time to begin planning for the grand unlock! Is your signage in place, do you have sneeze guards installed, hand sanitising stations clearly marked? Business operators, are you ready to promote your brand, arrange sign and display materials, and freshen up your marketing?

There is no time to lose, the unlock is coming!

Those who work from home, home-based businesses etc., this is the time for you to organise too! Display materials, showroom displays, and prepare for exhibitions and fairs that will surely follow in good time? And of course home offices need to organised as do all business premises to make the best use of space.

GJ Plastics Ltd have masses of brilliant ideas to choose from.

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