Munro Greenhalgh have some handy tips on keeping yourself and business safe in this cold winter period!
21st January 2022
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Here Munro Greenhalgh highlight numerous ways in which this season can catch us all out as employers and businesses. Munro Greenhalgh can help with a free review of your Risk Management to help prevent any mishaps and ensure that you are properly covered should the icy finger of fate point towards your business.


Your premises

Heavy snow, freezing temperatures, strong winds and stormy conditions can all massively disrupt your business activities through damage to roofing, walls, windows, etc.

Munro Greenhalgh strongly advise upon keeping your buildings in a good state of repair through thorough and robust facilities maintenance. Knowing your plumbing and isolation points is a good start.

Slips, trips and falls

Outside and inside your premises can become a wintery ice-skating rink. Do you have a risk assessment (and clothing / footwear standards) checklist to mitigate against an accident caused by a slip? Injury to employees will mean absence, sick pay, and disruption to your business.



Munro Greenhalgh know only too well just what an impact flooding can have on a business. Surviving the initial damage (to property, stock and equipment) is only the start of a long long road back to pre-flood commerciality. Keeping your business going without premises is an extremely difficult task.

Their experience in this would be an enormous help in supporting you through the whole process – draining / cleaning / repairing – getting you back on track as soon as possible and handling your claim effectively.

Winter Driving

It’s not just icy roads. Winter driving conditions offer a deadly combination of black ice, snow, heavy rain, low sun, fog, darkness, etc. If transport is your sector, then disruption caused by these wintery conditions is a serious threat to your business schedules. Again, risk assessments combined with journey re-planning can help – but a full review of your Seasonal Management Policy should enable you to prepare for and defend against all winter damage potential.

Please see Munro Greenhalgh's interactive leaflet produced in conjunction with Aviva Insurance to provide you with some top tips. They also have access to in-depth risk management advice from various insurer partners. 

Contact Ian Hayes (or any of their Commercial Team) now to organise a review of your Winter Risk Management. 

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