Lose Weight during Lockdown and be ready for a Healthy return to ‘normal’ with Prestwich Pharmacy
20th January 2021
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Keeping healthy and trim has been made more difficult in recent times due to Covid19 lockdowns and self-isolation. Many of us add on a few pounds over the festive season making January the month to lose weight and restore ones waist line. 2020 was a tough year with most of us staying home and many not having the opportunity to work off the extra inches, but all of that can be changed.

Good news for 2021! Prestwich Pharmacy wants to help you manage your weight loss with Lipotrim!

Lipotrim is developed in the United Kingdom by qualified nutritionists and experts in weight management. Lipotrim is proven to be a safe and effective way to lose weight at the maximum safe rate.

The Lipotrim programme is a total food replacement programme, meaning that the person stops eating all traditional foods and replaces them with Lipotrim formula foods. Lipotrim Formula Foods maximise the calorie gap by providing appropriate amounts of all nutrients that the body needs each day in a minimum number of calories. The body’s reserves of sugar and fat are drawn down on to meet the body’s needs, and in this way the body weight is lost.

The consumer following the Lipotrim programme is not living on less calories, but simply changing where the calories are coming from. Fewer calories are going in via your mouth, so the rest of the required calories are made up from the body’s reserves.

People who are overweight or obese can reduce the risk of developing some potentially serious health problems. Most people who need to lose weight can benefit from losing even a small amount of weight providing they keep the weight off. Using the Lipotrim programme consumers can benefit by losing weight in a safe and proven way.

Health problems that may be caused by people carrying excess weight for example can include, raised blood pressure which if continued can cause organ damage, heart disease, stroke risk, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, osteoarthritis, and back pain. In addition your quality of life could be impacted along with your mobility.

Prestwich Pharmacy are now able to help people who are overweight through the Lipotrim programme that previously was only available through Doctors.

If you are struggling with losing weight and wish to seek professional advice and help, contact Prestwich Pharmacy today! And get in trim for Spring!



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