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20th March 2018
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Last week at our Breakfast Club, Business Solutions delivered an excellent presentation on pledges. The insight explained the four types of pledge available and how local businesses can benefit from being involved.

The four pledges
Work experience
Work placement
Apprenticeship vacancy
Up skilling of employees

It's appreciated that not every business may be in a position to actively take on an apprentice, but what the presentation did prove was that pretty much all businesses would be in a position to offer work experience or a work placement to a young person.

Work experience or placements offer individuals valuable time in the workplace to learn and experience what it's really like in the workplace before embarking on full time employment.
For many it's an opportunity to learn about personal presentation, time keeping and work ethic.
Work experience is a one to two week placement within a business which is typically for a  student of 16 years of age, whereas a work placement would support a 40-50 day opportunity for a student aged 16-18 years old.

The 3rd pledge is an apprenticeship which typically suits a school leaver aged 16-18 years and lasts 12-18 months for level 2, and 12-24 months for level 3.
An apprentice can be an incredibly valuable asset to your company whilst developing their skills to aim for
a future career. Teach them well and nurture them, and you could have a fantastic new team member at the end their learning.

Each has an equivalent qualification status, as below.

Level 2 Equivalents to GCSE’s
Level 3 Equivalents to A Level’s
Level 4 Equivalents to first year Degree
Level 6 Equivalents to Honours or Bachelor’ Degree
Level 7 Equivalent to a Master Degree

Pledge 4 is up skilling, an opportunity to develop your team member even further by investing in them to learn more.
Investing in the up skilling of your team will enhance staff morale and in the long term save you time and costs whilst reducing the need to recruit.

All four of these pledges can be supported by Business Solutions Bury College.

We were thrilled that at the end of the presentation many of The Breakfast Club members (all from thebestofbury), chose to support one of the above mentioned pledges. Each one of these pledges is either fully or part funded, a great incentive to get involved.
It's an investment that few regret but many miss the opportunity to be part of.

Support the future of today's young people and speak with Business Solutions to find out more.
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