LNK Motors is open for Click and Collect!
4th February 2021
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Our local Used Car Specialist LNK Motors Ltd is still trading through the lockdown, facilitating the purchase of vehicles even though the circumstances are not ideal.

Now that the Covid19 problem is being treated through mass vaccination we all hope that this will herald our ability to get out and about again sometime soon(ish). For many of us a car is an essential means of being liberated so that we can visit family and friends and attend to our personal business as before. For other people in the community a car or light commercial vehicle is a way of doing business, earning a living, and there will be much to do when we do get back to (relative) normality.

Because we are limited in our liberty this is a fine time to seek out the next car that you would like to own. LNK has many vehicles on their forecourt with excellent cars just ready and waiting for you. LNK Motors believe in making buying a top-quality used car easy and Click and Collect is the easiest way to buy!

LNK Motors source all of their stock of used cars from main dealers rather than from auctions to ensure the best value for their customers. Unlike some auction bought cars the stock of cars held by LNK Motors has a clean history so that you can enjoy your ‘new’ car without worrying about hidden faults.

LNK Motors Ltd is a family-based business in the heart of the Town and their excellent reputation is too valuable to risk. LNK Motors has been a highly trusted award-winning member of The Best of Bury for over 6 years, such is the respect that they have amongst the community.

How does Click and Collect work when buying a used car from LNK Motors?

Visit the company web site via the link below,

Take a virtual tour around their large stock of cars and select the one that you fancy,

Chat with Paul and set up a fully Covid safe test drive by appointment only – all vehicles are sanitised thoroughly,

Add on any special extras that you would like to have,

Reserve the vehicle of choice,

Click and Collect and arrange delivery to your home.

Special deals and budget wise prices, finance arrangements and pre-delivery MOT testing, along with Nationwide parts and warranty are all part of the outstanding service provided by LNK Motors Ltd.

Visit LNK Motors today at:


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