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20th February 2020
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For anyone, valuables stolen from vehicles can be upsetting but for many such crimes are utterly devastating with vital tools, equipment, and the means of employment taken. For others business computer devices and communications equipment are stolen. On top of the taking of items of value to the owners damage to the vehicle can be costly and heart wrenching.

There are steps that we can take to minimise the risk of theft from vehicles. Authorised Access our local security specialist company suggest the following precautions to help avoid this happening to you.

Always lock your cars and working vehicles when away from them for any length of time, an unlocked vehicle is an open invitation!

Car keys. Always keep your vehicle keys in a safe place away from doors and windows and out of sight, opportunists will seize on the chance if they can see keys easily within reach. If you have a wireless key, make sure you use a purpose made pouch that will block the signal.

Leaving your car or works vehicle unattended but with the engine running is the perfect opportunity for the opportunist thief. Always turn off the engine, remove the key and lock the doors – even for a short time, it only takes a moment to do but it only takes a moment for a thief to strike!

Remove your valuable possessions from view, better still remove them from your vehicle whenever possible. Possessions on display, computers, sat-navs and other removeable equipment should be locked in the boot out of sight or taken with you when you leave the vehicle. Tradesmen carrying tools and property are recommended to remove them overnight and/or when you are working onsite. However, thieves look for are easy pickings, but there are those who target tradesmen to steal tools and other equipment, take care!

Sadly one needs to think like a thief to avoid falling into their hands!

Fit anti-theft devices, talk to the team at Authorised Access for advice on what is best for your needs.

Authorised Access is an MLA ( Master Locksmiths Association) and UKLA (UK Locksmiths Association) registered and approved company with 30 years plus experience and is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art security products and advice.

Worried about your security? Contact the experts today!


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