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29th January 2014
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A petition begun by the Justice Alliance is calling on Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and the UK Government to ‘save legal aid and protect access to justice for all.’ The petition, which now has over 12,000 signatures and enjoys support from public figures like Joanna Lumley, calls on the government to halt or repeal all of the proposed changes found in the Transforming Legal Aid consultation.


The petition asserts that the proposed changes to legal aid would effectively make the justice system all but inaccessible to not only the underprivileged and disenfranchised, but ordinary people as well. It stipulates that those who would be directly affected are those who rely most on legal aid – innocent people who are wrongfully jailed, homeless children, Gurkhas and other heroes who have served the country and victims of domestic violence.  


The petition also sites that the proposed changes have been criticised by Parliament’s own expert human rights committee and that they will ultimately lead to the creation of an unequal society were the rich and powerful have an unequal advantage before the law.


AFG LAW ask you to consider adding your support to the Justice Alliance petition to stop the changes to the legal aid provision. ‘We believe very strongly, as a firm, that the ‘rule of law’ as a principle depends on it being applied universally to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Legal Aid ensures that principle does apply to all,’ said Emma Cordock, family law solicitor at the Bury Office.


Please visit the following link which takes you directly to the website where you can add your signature to the petition online. Please visit and add your signature.

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