Lacey Plumbing's Three Most Common Plumbing Problems
29th March 2016
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How annoying do you find a dripping tap, or a toilet which doesn’t flush properly? You might think you can fix it yourself, or you might be absolutely stumped. Either way, Lacey Plumbing have put together some of the most common plumbing problems they come across!

Leaky pipes

Leaks in pipes often happen at the joints, and you probably think you’re able to temporarily fix the problem with joint filler or (god forbid) duct tape. But you should probably have an expert take a look – just in case the pipe needs replacing! A big leak can be a costly fix, which is why you should keep up regular maintenance, and get any signs of leaks sorted immediately.

Low water pressure

Most taps have aerated filters attached to them which you can easily take out and clean. However, if you’ve done this and still have a problem… It may be a much bigger problem. Leaks in the main water supply can cause damage to the foundations of your house and compromise its structure. You should call Lacey Plumbing, who can help to pinpoint the problem and recommend the next step.

Clogged drains

You can usually fix the problem with a plunger, or some drain cleaning product and not have to worry about your sink clogging up again. However, if you find that you’re using a drain cleaning product very often, it can have a corrosive effect on your pipes and you may end up with a bigger problem than you started with! If your sink continues to clog, you should probably call Lacey.


If you ever need to tackle a plumbing problem, make sure you turn the water off at the mains first, and be prepared to get wet! However, you should check out Lacey Plumbing’s “how-to” videos first, to see if they have any advice on how you can solve the problem, and if you are in the tiniest bit of doubt – call them!


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