Keeping your children occupied during long car journeys with GB Vehicle Leasing
2nd August 2019
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Word Games

How about playing a good old word game to pass the time? I-Spy, Twenty Questions and I’m Going on a Picnic are fun word games to play in the car, just to mention a few. These games don’t require any materials and are a great way to get your kids using their brain.


Camera Fun

Does your child enjoy using cameras? If they do, then this one is a great way to keep them busy. You could buy a cheap camera for them so they can take photos on the journey. Turn this into a game by making a list of things for them to take photos of and have a prize for finding the things.


How many animals?

This is a simple pen and paper game to pass the time. During the journey, you and your child separately write down each time you see an animal (type of animal and the quantity). At the end of the journey you can compare if you have the same animals on your lists.

Travel Games

There are a great range of travel games which you could play on your journey. These include top trumps, Connect4, Battleship and Who Am I? This is a great way to keep your children busy but also off the digital devices.


Take Breaks

Long journeys can be tiring, and little ones need short breaks. Throughout the journey stop for short breaks to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. If possible, take advantage of parks nearby or get some well-deserved food along the way. Make these breaks fun and the journey won’t seem as long or boring for your little ones.

Maps Fun

On long journeys, kids often like to know how far you’ve travelled and how much longer the journey will take. Therefore, you could print out maps of your route and get them to spot significant places or objects on the journey. Alternatively, use a tablet with GPS for this instead.


Activity Books

Encourage your child to use their creative skills with an activity book to complete on the journey. Drawing, colouring or puzzles depending on what your child enjoys doing most. Here’s a great activity book by AA Publishing which your child might enjoy.

Children's Audiobooks

You could keep your little ones busy with a children's audibook for them to listen to. Alternatively, you could get your children to tell you a story which involves them using their imagination, plus it's free! You could even get everyone involved and create a story together.

We hope you find this list of ideas useful. But most importantly enjoy your days out and make the most of the quality time with your family and friends. 


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