Is your flat roof leaking? Call the team at GRP Roofing Centre Bury
15th December 2017
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GRP Roofing Centre are based in Bury and carry out work throughout the North West. They are a family business who have over 25 years’ experience and offer excellent service and competitive pricing on all fibreglass flat roofing, to both commercial and domestic homes and properties.  

With their vast knowledge and experience the team will fully inspect your flat roof for any rips or tears, which if left untreated will become wet and rot with decay. Clogged drains can also cause blockages which can then lead to pools of water forming, causing sagging on flat roofs due to weight of the water. GRP Roofing Centre will carry out a structural roofing survey looking at joists and boarding and give you a detailed report with images, advising of any work required to maintain or replace your flat roof.  

GRP Roofing Centre will also inspect your flashing which joins the vertical wall and the flat roof, again with deterioration, water can seep into the brickwork of your home leading to a costly repair.

All roofing work carried out by GRP Roofing Centre comes with an amazing 20-year guarantee giving you additional peace of mind. The resilience of GRP flat roofs means that you shouldn’t requires therefore making flat roofing more cost-effective than you may have originally thought.

If you are interested in installing a GRP flat roof on your extension, garage or shed, or booking a structural survey, contact GRP Roofing Centre on 0161 956 2442

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