Is solar dead?
9th October 2017
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Although there are a whole host of benefits to solar power, critics of solar energy have down talked it’s use. However, it is clear that solar energy is as important as it has ever been and as readily available as ever. Using a local expert such as Connect Electric, Bury will ensure that you not only receive the very best product on the market, but clear instruction and guidance on the benefits of undertaking the installation of solar panels whether a domestic or commercial property.

It’s a common misconception that solar panels aren’t worthy of installation, but far from it.  The incentives of solar are still there, in fact, installation costs are now just a third of the price they were in recent years, whilst bringing the same return.

The solar panels convert sunlight into electricity using solar photovoltaic panels, which is then converted to AC using an inverter and supplied to your property. This saves considerable money on your electricity bill, plus those who install solar panels could receive payment per unit of energy supplied thanks to the Feed-In-Tariff government incentive scheme. Through this scheme, you will receive payment for every unit you create, saving £1,000’s over the years. This means not only do you make your property more environmentally friendly, but you also save money in the long term.

Installation of solar panels is easy and  non-invasive on your property. Although some scaffolding is required for the installation, this can be limited to just loft scaffolding, reducing the impact on the exterior of the property. The work is carried out cleanly and efficiently to ensure you gain the benefits of solar as soon as possible!

Each installation carried out by Connect Electric comes with a 10 year warranty too so you have peace of mind in every installation.

To find out more information, contact Chris at Connect Electric today on 0161 766 6848 or 07979 500025.

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