Is it possible to remain amicable during divorce proceedings? With professional support of AST Hampsons Family Lawyers it is!
4th June 2021
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Divorce proceedings by nature are difficult because people who have been married for some time have history, some good and some bad, and of course circumstances do change over time. During the past few months life has been on-hold but breakdowns in marriage have not stopped!

Recently the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates and his wife of 27years Mellinda announced that they are to divorce. The Gates family includes three children. Their business and property holdings are immense, including property, businesses and farmland, their ‘worth’ is approximately $142billion.

It is believed that there is a ‘separation contract’ that both parties have signed retrospectively, the terms of this document have not been made public. The Guardian newspaper understands that both parties have asked the court to divide the matrimonial assets in accordance with this agreement. Matrimonial attorney Nancy Chemtob of New York believes that it is likely that the assets will be divided equally.

There is also an expectation that their relationship needs to remain amicable for the sake of their children despite them all being grown up.

Bill and Mellinda Gates are renowned worldwide for their philanthropy and charity work together and individually and it is understood that they will continue doing so in a professional manner.

There is mention in the media about the circumstances behind the breakdown in their marriage, but it is hoped that they can focus on avoiding further complications especially for the sake of their family.

When a marriage comes to and end emotions run high making it difficult to reach an agreement about matrimonial finances. There are occasions when the parties need to take time to sit down and discuss dividing their assets in private once they have had time to digest their feelings in order to keep matters as amicable as is possible in the circumstances.

AST Hampsons Solicitors, Bury, are experienced friendly professionals in their approach to divorces and the issues surrounding them, they are able to assist people in this situation in reaching a settlement as to their matrimonial finances. Or, if you and your husband or wife have been able to reach an agreement in private AST Hampsons specialist team will prepare the agreement for you.

AST Hampsons Family Lawyers offer a FREE 30minute consultation with a specialist dedicated to assisting in divorce matters.

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