Invest in solar panels this summer with Connect Electric.
25th May 2018
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Living in a home, especially with a lot of people can often make your electricity bills be rather costly.

Solar panel installation is becoming increasingly popular and is recognised for its economic and environmental improvements: with solar panelling on your house it is possible to save money in the long run, after installing the panels, and is considered to be a huge investment on your could end up paying so little for electricity thanks to the sun. With all these sunny days we're having recently what better time to have solar panels fitted onto your home?

Connect Electric are a highly experienced team with an extensive knowledge installing these panels to your home as you can get them for an extremely affordable price and at this time of year you can even receive a substantial additional income...what's not to like!?

The panels are made up of two lines of silicone and when exposed to sunlight the electrical charge is created, then converted, so that you are able to utilise this energy throughout your home.

Solar panelling installation is on the rise. Already a popular option for so many people, the government are keen for you to invest and as such provide payment per unit of energy supplied, as an incentive. 

If you are interested in this or any of the services Connect Electric has to offer, please call 0161 766 6848. 

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