How do you carve yours?
22nd October 2015
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Halloween or All Hallows Eve is just around the corner, the shops are full to brimming with Halloween toys, costumes and.........................pumpkins.

Pumpkins really encompass Halloween, whether you choose to celebrate it by trick or treating, dress up your house and have a party or simply choose to close the curtains and forget it's happening, chances are, you'll still carve a pumpkin, but just how do you carve yours?

Long gone are the days of a simple scary face. These days it seems to be quite a serious business and we see produced what can only be described as "works of art"

We've gathered together just a few amazing examples of how a big round orange fruit (yes, it is a fruit, not a veg) can be turned into an absolute masterpiece.

All images are from Pinterest where you will find these and many other inspirational ideas. 

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