How can businesses reduce the chances of slips and falls in the icy weather?
11th November 2015
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With slips and falls being one of the most common accidents in the workplace, which increases during autumn and winter, here’s how businesses can secure their premises to reduce the chances of injury.

Accidents in the workplace occur frequently, and even more during autumn/winter. There are a number of causes for the increase during the colder months, such as limited daylight (dark areas), leaves which make areas slippy, ice, snow and rain water.

If you own a private car park or road, it is your responsibility to ensure areas are safe for both customers and employees. Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely that you'll have an in-house de-gritter on-site to tackle the problem, right?

This is why you should have Brightway Cleaning's number saved. This Bury-based business has de-icing, gritting and leaf removal on their long list of services, available for both commercial and domestic clients. You don't need to pay for a complete package either; these services can be arranged on an ad-hoc basis - whenever you need it.

Over the years, Brightway Cleaning has expanded their services significantly, incorporating aspects of home-help and housekeeping. Although this falls in such a category, it is available for businesses in Bury and surrounding areas.


It is essential that you outline the key areas used by customers/employees which need to be gritted in such circumstances. A fully-trained member of the Brightway Cleaning team will apply rock salt to the areas, making it safe to walk on.


Own a fleet of cars? Brightway Cleaning also offer a specialist de-icing service - which is great for coach companies, car dealerships and more.

Leaf removal

During autumn, fallen leaves can hide any hazards beneath them and/or can be slippy to walk on. As one of their extra services, Brightway Cleaning will remove these from specified areas so you have complete peace of mind.

Safety signs

With bad weather outside, interior corridors and reception areas can also be affected. In such a case, it is important you display the necessary warning signs.

Tip:  Employers are encouraged to walk the way of customers/employees to ensure all exposed, popular areas are safe.

If you want to protect your workplace, your customers and your employees following bad weather, simply call Brightway Cleaning.

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