Hay Let’s Communicate take communications to a whole new level!
27th October 2020
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The company that doesn’t communicate effectively will not exist for long!

So what is communication?

Communication is the sending and receiving information between people and is something that we do daily and without thinking about the process. Individually we communicate to share information on a personal level as well as commercially, and a great deal of our communication is verbal although non-verbal communication is a major component.


Business communication is designed to exchange information in order to communicate with a potential buyer or seller to promote products, services, goals, objectives, activities and to generate income and profit.


Hay Let’s Communicate say the ‘Great communication matters! Everything in life is better and clearer with consistent communication’.


Hay Let’s Communicate is a professional organisation dedicated to helping businesses get their message/s across in an engaging manner and with maximum impact that will benefit both your colleagues and customers, and that will benefit your business!


Hay Let’s Communicate is led by Matt Hay, Managing Director, who has 15 years personal experience of top-level communications with major organisations. He brings his passion for clear concise communication with the aim of working with businesses to improve their communications, raise their game and generate bigger and better outcomes.


Press and Media, Matt is an expert at creating Press Releases, Key Message Development, Crisis Planning and Management, plus Strategic Media Campaigns.


Internal Communications, Magazines and Newsletters, Internal Events, Special Projects, Strategy Development.


Events Management, Conferences and Exhibitions, Product Launches, Customer Experience, Awards Ceremonies.


Content Creation, Digital and Traditional copywriting, Social Media Planning, Video and Photography Direction, Engagement Creativity.


These are trying times. There are enormous pressures on businesses due to Covid 19, lockdowns and social distancing etc. But the old maxim is more apt that ever, ‘When to going gets tough the tough get going!’ However, whilst getting going it makes good sense to work ‘smart’ and doing so means not wasting time and effort on ineffectual DIY endeavours. Professional help is at hand, to maximise your chances of not mere survival but growth and success, it may prove to be the most cost-effective investment you could make!


Communicating your message loud and clear, is vitally important and as every high street company now has a ‘world-wide reach’ being able to do so professionally is too important to leave to chance!


Contact Hay Let’s Communicate today to make success happen!





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