‘Hay Find Out More’ is the market leading state-of-the-art communication innovation created by Hay Let’s Communicate!
19th March 2021
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Matt Hay Managing Director of Hay Let’s Communicate is a visionary looking to a very different future in communicating between organisations, staff and customers. Why? Because great communications matter!


‘Hay Find Out More’ is a digital brochure that provides a unique insight into the importance of businesses and organisations developing an effective key message, targeting the correct audience and employing the best channels to get that message across.


This unique digital brochure combines eye-catching design plus written examples of Hay Let’s Communicate past experience, dynamic background and professionally crafted informative videos demonstrating the importance and benefits of great communication.


Matt Hay commented:


“We know how important great communication is and we really want to put our thoughts together in an interesting and different manner to show what a difference it can make”.


Hay Lets Communicate are justifiably proud of their ground-breaking innovative thinking in turning something that some may take for granted into a driving force in a business!

Matt says,

“ The news market is really crowded and it’s tough to get your message across. We (at Hay Let’s Communicate) believe that doing it in an innovative, positive and simple way is the best way to achieve your results, whether that’s for your people, who are your most important asset or those outside your organisation, your customers and your stakeholders.

The new Hay Find Out More brochure is innovative, positive, simple and really gets across the fact that expert strategic communications will make a difference to your engagement, reputation and ultimately your bottom line.”

Hay Let’s Communicate has worked on major projects for the country’s biggest brands and organisations. The team believes in a co-ordinated messaging approach that doesn’t  just focus on one element of the communication’s mix. Recently, Hay Let’s Communicate ran the launch of a £500million fleet of brand-new trains, co-ordinated the communications response to the Covid19 pandemic for one of the Norths biggest employers and worked with large event venues and multi-national mega events such as the Rugby World Cup!

How would you like to bring your communications into the 21st Century?

Hay Let’s Communicate:

Cover Media and customer communications, press releases, key message development, crisis planning and management, media campaigns.

Internal comms, magazines, newsletters, internal events, special projects and strategy development.

Event management, conferences and exhibitions, product launches.

Content creation, copywriting, SM planning, video and photography direction and engagement creativity.


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