GRP flat roofs - leak-free for 20 years!
9th September 2015
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GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is so waterproof in fact that it's used in boats, and can therefore withstand our unpredictable Lancashire weather when installed as a roofing product!

Temperatures are dropping and with it, we expect heavy rain fall. We're used to the weather here, living in Bury, but are our garages?

Garages are easily neglected and it's an expense many don't want to spend, but the fact remains that the state of the roof has a significant (and often detrimental) affect on our garages. Felt roofs were a hugely popular roofing application for decades but they aren't durable as a GRP flat roof.

From leaking through to decay, there are a number of problems that come with felt applications, which is why many are opting to replace their garage roof with this particular roofing product.

Why GRP?

GRP is completely maintenance-free, waterproof and secure.

There will be no leaks with this type of flat roof and each one comes guaranteed for 20 years (but are expected to last a lifetime).

Each GRP flat roof is laid cold, which means that it's safe and can even mean your insurance is lower.

With no maintenance or upkeep, you don't need to spend money on repairs and replacements, which make them extremely cost-effective.


The experts in GRP flat roofs are GRP Roofing Centre, based in Bury. This is a business of roofing specialists with the experience and knowledge of installing this particular roofing product for both commercial and domestic clients. GRP Roofing Centre can install a GRP flat roof is a little as two days and each one can be finished in any colour.

Don’t risk the possessions in, and the condition of, your garage during the bad weather. This is cost-effective, completely waterproof and easy-to-install product. We can’t say fairer than that, can we?


For a consultation of a GRP flat roof from this local business, contact a member of the team.

GRP Roofing Centre

Unit 3

Freetown Business Park

Hudcar Lane


T: 0161 956 2442

M: 07976 719115

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