Great connectivity is vastly improved with Full Fibre Leased Lines by Connect Comms!
16th February 2021
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Connect Comms is based in Bury, serving the entire region, and is a highly recommended provider of innovative telecoms solutions for businesses of all types and sizes from SME’s to major organisations. Connect Comms solutions include mobile phone packages, business landlines, fever screening thermal cameras, wi-fi solutions, business mobile telephones, a wide range of engineering services, comparative tariffs, device repairs and most of all state-of-the-art innovative thinking and technology applications!

Connect Comms is dedicated to providing the correct solution for each individual business through their highly qualified and dedicated team who go the extra mile for their customers with sound advice and great customer service! Connect Comms has been a highly trusted member of The Best of Bury for well over 6 years during which time they have provided exceptional service based over 30 year of hands-on experience.

Full Fibre Lease Lines are essentially a single line of pure connectivity. The carrier band width has unlimited gigabit connectivity offering uncontended symmetrical band width of 10Gbps plus! Fibre Leased Lines deliver a dedicated service for enhanced business access to the internet and create a resilient network between an organisations buildings.

Connect Comms Fibre Leased Lines are fully managed and offer 99.9999% availability allowing business operators to have total peace of mind that those mission critical tasks will be supported, and your connectivity is always working.

The benefits of Full Fibre Leased Lines are,

Easy and quicker to install due to a one-dig method using existing infra structure where possible causing less environmental damage and minimal disruption. Where there isn’t an existing network Connect Comms will advise about organising one for you.

Fibre Leased Lines are a Manged Service, making it easier to spot faults that can be resolved quickly with minimal disruption. The level of monitoring required is agreed through business grade service level agreements (SLA’s) with each organisation.

There is an increase in businesses becoming more reliant on their connectivity solutions and diverse network technologies are reliable and unlikely to fail at the same time.

HM Government is supporting the rollout of gigabit connectivity and Connect Comms is our go-to company specialising in this initiative and all matters related to professional level connectivity. Small and Medium sized businesses are able to apply for a Gigabit Broadband voucher worth £2,500 subject to eligibility to defray the costs of connection!


Contact Connect Comms right away and get ready for a successful start to 2021!

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