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14th April 2022
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Gnatta focus on ‘Communication, Done Better,’ an ethos that means creating the tools to make your Contact Centre more efficient, more effective and Gnatta backs that up with superior customer service!

In todays fast moving business environment customers expect conversations to be faster, more helpful, and more informed than ever before and the level of input demanded will only increase with the bar being raised even higher as expectations are driven upwards over time. The need for professional time saving features, integrations and automation is key to making certain that you and your business are always as efficient as is possible.

The recent difficulties created by Covid have impacted businesses as we all know, but it has also made business people think more keenly about how to maximise their efforts and that communications in all business sectors is too important to ignore. Investing in a business, in marketing, motivation and in people only makes sense if communications are 21st century state-of-the-art!

Gnatta is dedicated to making your task as business executives simpler and more focused, and their dedicated team take huge pride in making that happen.

The Gnatta Team are Contact Centre focused people with years of experience and knowledge, making them the go-to experts in their field and that means professional level input for you and your business!


Every contact, regardless of the channel is part of a single experience, accordingly Gnatta associate every message with the correct customer. Historical interactions and current conversations are combined in one place.

Every conversation is about data, and is unique, from tracking queries to product enquiries the answers are waiting to be found in your systems. Gnatta automate the retrieval process from 1st to 3rd party platforms.

No two companies are the same therefore it makes no sense to treat everyone the same. Automated routing to an agent means permitting more time to be dedicated to the customer, plus the rules are set by you, editable in real time with no coding needed.

Gnatta provides communication systems aimed at making your Contact Centre more effective and efficient.


Contact Gnatta today here and get ahead of the game with the professionals!

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