GJ Plastics - helping to keep you and your customers safe thorughout COVID-19
26th May 2020
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Plastic protective screens are designed to keep your people safe!

We are advised that the current Covid – 19 pandemic will be with us in some form for a long time, possibly years. GJ Plastics of Bury advise business people to conduct risk assessments on behalf of their staff, customers, and visitors and then to take proactive steps to prevent transmission of the virus in the long term.

Public facing personnel, cashiers, customer service desk staff, counter staff are potentially at risk as are security check staff and many others from receptionists to trade counter sales staff, and office-based personnel who require anti-sneeze screens between work stations etc.

Installation of professionally designed, locally sourced, plastic protective screens will go a long way to reducing the potential for staff members becoming infected. The Health and Safety at Work legislation requires employers to take care of the health, safety, and wellbeing of their employees as well as all others who visit the premises. Plus, it makes sense to look after ones key workers rather than having them isolating due to illness.

The lockdown for retail premises is due to be reduced to safe limits shortly meaning that many more retailers will be able to open their doors, from the sole trader corner shops to much larger stores. A blessed relief for the owners indeed and a chance to begin the recovery process, good reason then to ensure that they are not infected.

There is a major bonus attached to having anti-virus screens installed, having personnel protected from assault in this way also offers protection for cash registers and operatives from would be thieves! If they cannot get at the till contents because of the screens they cannot snatch them, food for thought long term?

GJ Plastics Ltd of Bury Plastic Fabrication, Signs and Digital Printing is an award-winning producer of fine products that are supplied world-wide. This innovative business is exciting, vibrant, and highly professional creating plastic and Perspex products for many users. The team operates in-house designers, and manufacturing, using the latest technology to develop a vast range of point-of-sale materials, counter and floor mounted displays and screens.

As employers plan to open work places again ensuring the safety all concerned is a requirement  and one that we all take seriously.

Business teams planning their reopening strategy are advised to call GJ Plastics today! Stay safe!


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