Get Flu season ready at Prestwich Pharmacy!
27th September 2019
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At Prestwich Pharmacy we understand how Flu can impact your employees and your business. Flu is one of the biggest causes of short-term illness and absence from work, costing over £600 per employee.


Keeping your employees protected during the cold months keeps your business running.


Spread through coughing, sneezing, or by touching an infected surface, the virus is highly contagious and almost impossible to avoid.


You can help your employees stay well this winter with the Prestwich Pharmacy Corporate Flu Jab Service.


Apart from being super flexible with your business needs, our Corporate Flu Vaccination can help you ensure that you:

  • Reduce the amount, and cost, of unexpected sick leave
  • Ensure health interests of your employees are treated as priority in order to run your business
  • Improve employee engagement and increase productivity
  • Promote healthy workplace


We can offer FREE vaccinations to your workforce at Prestwich Pharmacy or we can run a clinic in your premises.


Book your Corporate Flu Jab Service today and support your workforce when they need it most.


To find out more:
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. Give Fin a ring:    07973185889


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