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10th June 2021
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Post-covid there is a huge backlog of people awaiting driving tests, at all stages, and in addition there are many potential learners desperate to have lessons. The BBC’s Newsbeat programme on May 26th, 2021, stated that one unlucky lad was turned away by 50 up to capacity driving instructors in the past month and this picture is repeated across the Country. The pressure on learners then is immense because failure to pass the tests means taking them again, costing more time and money. Nationwide driving schools are full to capacity plus there is pressure on the testing process meaning that each learner has to be better prepared to avoid failure. Because some driving schools are struggling there is less chance of learners receiving personal tuition by a top-quality professional such as Graham Evans of Get Driving Today!

Graham cannot change the present situation making lessons and driving tests appear out of the blue, but he can Get ‘You’ Driving Today – or very quickly, and with his personal professional approach he can work with each learner to give them the finest preparation in readiness for their tests, taking into account Grahams special concern and awareness of the needs of individual people and their concerns.

Why waste time and money when you can ‘work smart’ with the most trusted driving instructor in Bury? Get Driving Today is an award-winning member of The Best of Bury for more than 7 years, the home of the best businesses in Town!

What do you need to do to crack on with learning to drive with the expert?

Talk to Graham about the Pass Faster Booster pack, it is designed to provide you with the tools for the job.

Ask about the 10% Discount on pre-paid lessons, a substantial saving to help learners to plan ahead and make best progress toward successful and safe driving for life.

Tell Graham what stage you are at. Some people are further advanced than others, also people have varying levels of confidence, and maybe you want to drive for leisure, or you want a better job and driving is the key to making it happen.

Get Driving Today is committed to enabling people to learn to drive at the rate that is right for each person and do so efficiently and appropriately.

Trust Get Driving Today, contact Graham today and make real progress - click here 

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