Get Driving Today is working hard for Learner Drivers in Bury!
8th February 2021
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Local Award-winning Driving Instructor Graham Evans, who is the Government, Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) at the heart of Get Driving Today is still working hard to enable people to learn to drive safely on the roads of Britain. Being a competent driver will set you free! Regardless of your motivation learning to drive and passing the driving tests works for pleasure drivers and career drivers of all ages in opening up so many opportunities – especially when the Covid crisis is over and we can get back to ‘normal’, very soon we hope!


Graham is offering a brand-new opportunity for learner drivers to improve their knowledge to make passing the test easier as well as improving their understanding of this super life skill. Get Driving Today is offering their learners Driving Lessons Online, and they are Free to existing learners with Get Driving Today or £24.99 to anyone else. Learner drivers who have used Driving Lessons Online have saved an average of £300 - the equivalent of 10 hours tuition; such is the benefit of this outstanding learning aid.


The package offered by Get Driving Today includes,

Interactive video practice sessions to practice and improve your driving skills in authentic situations.

Informative videos, a selection of HD training videos helping you learn all of the different aspects of learning to drive.

‘Show me tell me’ questions, a full list of the questions that you may be asked on your driving test.

Simulated Question and Answer videos, simulated driving videos that put several sections together in a real-world scenario to test your overall competency and understanding.

Theory test training with built in access to a leading theory test site including full hazard perception training.

Anxious about learning to drive? Graham is an acknowledged expert High Anxiety Driver Instructor and specialises in putting all learners at ease, so that they can learn comfortably and at their own speed. Judging by Grahams outstanding customer reviews, his friendly personality and excellent tuition style he is helping many local people to achieve their dream of being able to drive.

Book your lessons and pay in advance with Get Driving Today and receive 10% off!

Find out more about online lessons on the all new website here -

Get Driving Today by calling Graham Evans and be ready for a wonderful 2021 of safe driving!


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