Garside Garage of Bury is a local business operated by Paul Holt who also owns and operates Bury Mini Bus Hire.
24th September 2021
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Winter is coming, the clocks go back on 31st October, will your car/s be ready?

With the onset of darker evenings and the potential for deteriorating weather conditions autumnal mist, rain and eventually snow now is the time for making certain that your car/vehicles are ready! Pre-Winter checks of every aspect from car/vehicle lights to windscreen washers and wiper blades, brakes and electrics to tyres need to be checked by the experts so that your vehicle, mini bus etc is safe to use and fit for the conditions!


Garside Garage of Bury is a local business operated by Paul Holt who also owns and operates Bury Mini Bus Hire. Paul and his team provide a great deal of services to private motorists and commercial users from his Light Commercial Garage.

Private cars and commercial vehicle servicing, and repairs and pre-Winter checks can be completed to make certain that your vehicles, including cars for disabled users, are safe and working efficiently. Garside Garage has an excellent reputation for top quality work and excellent customer service.

Diagnostic Testing may be carried out to ascertain what is happening inside the engine to ensure that the power unit and Auto Electrics are performing correctly, essential for the time of year, and vital to ensure that your vehicle is meeting environmental standards for emissions etc. This is important for the professional drivers whose living depends on the efficiency of their vehicle such as Taxi Fleets and other multi-vehicle users.

Commercial car and light vehicle users including Mini bus drivers will find that the highly experienced team at Garside Garage offer outstanding service including Maintenance Contracts to keep their vehicles ticking over.

Services include:

  • PSV and HGV work
  • Wheelchair lifts and Tail-lifts inspected, repairs, maintenance carried out
  • DPF Cleaning
  • LOLER Inspections 

De-carbonising vehicle engines to extend their working life and to make sure the engine is running efficiently and not emitting excess waste gases,

NB. Engine Carbon Clean costs only £30 if booked-in with a service!

  • Safety Inspections
  • Pre-MOT checks, repairs, MOT testing
  • Servicing and ad-hoc maintenance
  • Welding
  • Engine re-builds
  • General repairs
  • Collection and delivery service

Garside Garage Bury is one on the most trusted businesses in Town, the company is a long-standing member of The Best of Bury with over 6 years of membership.

Is your car, van, taxi fleet etc ready to face the rigours of Winter weather, dark evenings and less safe road conditions?

Contact Garside Garage right away and be certain!

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