For a 20/20 New Year The Lighting Outlet is the brightest place to go!
6th January 2020
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New Year is here, and it is time to shake off the post-Christmas blues and make a start on sprucing up the family abode! Homes, and offices, can look a little stark once the decorations are taken down, the Christmas tree consigned to the recycling centre and so too with the festive cards.

Not only can new lighting units refresh ones living space, but the effect can also be to reduce the family homes’ power consumption and reduce our collective impact upon the environment. Modern lighting systems are brighter, more flexible and very high-tech with remote control via ones mobile phone, Alexa ( and other similar units) not to mention good old-fashioned light switches. Plus, there is great opportunity to ‘Illuminate your Home for Less’!

The Lighting Outlet Heywood is the new retail business venture by Inspired Lighting a company with 13 plus years of experience of supplying state-of-the-art lighting systems to domestic users and commercial businesses alike. The company takes great pride in offering and supplying the most highly innovative and stylish lighting solutions available in the Country and doing so at amazing prices!

Currently, The Lighting Outlet is offering discounted prices with up to 90% off, all day, every day!

Visitors to the Heywood store will find on display an almost endless array of lighting systems on show for your outdoor living space, indoor rooms and home or business  office. It is possible now to have highly innovative styles and designs where you need them around the home and because of the high-tech options they are easy to use and relatively easy to install. Due to the advances in specification it is relatively simple to enjoy a wide range of control options from raising and lowering the lighting to changing the colour of the lights making coloured subtle light etc happen at the touch of a button.

Watching a movie? You can match the lighting to the movie!

Having a late night tete a tete? Soft lighting and smooth music will help set the tone, enjoy! 

Spring will soon be here, why not rig external lighting ready for the BBQ season?

A vast range of lighting related accessories are held in stock .

‘Illuminate your Home for Less’! Visit The Lighting Outlet today!

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