Family Mediation: Why should you choose this approach?
19th May 2016
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Separating from a partnership is rarely easy, and never simple. Having lived and created a life with someone, when things start breaking down it can start to get bitter and angry – affecting others in your life.

AFG LAW are experienced in family mediation, which is a relatively informal approach to divorce and separation, aiming to find a solution which suits both parties, when it comes to children, property and finances. It can be more cost effective than the traditional court-led approach, and helps to ensure that the relationship between both parties remain healthy.

A neutral mediator will liaise with all parties and their solicitors to assist them in reaching a solution, whilst keeping all lines of communication open, clarify any matters and give you more control over the outcome.

Some matters can be resolved in a single session, whereas others such as custody of children or significant finances can take much longer. All families are encouraged by the government to participate in family mediation, to determine if mediation will be a more productive option than the court-led approach. Once all matters and concerns have been addressed, all agreements will be lodged at court to become binding. At AFG LAW, your solicitor will prepare this paperwork for you.

Every year, over 100,000 children under the age of 16 see their parents get divorced. Whilst divorce is a scary and messy process, it is important to consider the effect it can have on children. At AFG LAW, your solicitor will advise in all areas of law to do with the break-up of the family or relationship, specialising in private law applications for contact, residence. or any other issue that may arise in relation to children. AFG LAW acts for both married and unmarried clients on their rights in relation to property and assets upon separation.

If you’re thinking about separating, or would like to regain control over your situation, use the blue box below to contact AFG LAW now. 

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