Ensure your loved ones retain their quality of life with Platinum Care
2nd May 2017
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It can be difficult to see a loved one, who has always been so independent and strong, to begin struggling to take care of themselves. Whether it is a result of a few missed doctor’s appointments, or problems getting up the stairs, you might begin to feel responsible for checking in on loved ones and helping them with a few day to day activities.

Whilst this is a responsibility you may not mind taking on, it can be challenging for you to accommodate along with your own day to day life. It might become difficult to manage a full-time job along with your responsibilities as a carer, or you may feel guilty about booking a holiday and being unavailable for any length of time.546617bb6e6adf0d3b00000f

It’s obviously so important that your loved ones, young and old, receive the care they need from somebody who knows them well. Carers at Platinum Care will take the time to sit down with you and your loved one to find out how they can help in the best way they can. Whether it is just checking that tablets have been taken, or if they need support to get around the house, Platinum Care can help to improve quality of life by developing a bespoke care package that meets the individuals needs.

During the care planning stage, the individuals routine will be respected, and Platinum Care will work around this to ensure that meal times and social activities are not disturbed. Care plans will also ensure that friends and family are able to visit at any time, and Platinum Care will work around this to enable your loved one to stay socially connected and retain their independence.

If you’re worried about a loved one at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Platinum Care to find out how they can help. 

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