Emotional Freedom Technique with Shirley Mclean
12th December 2018
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Emotional Freedom Technique (EST) allows someone to release and let go of emotional difficulties that are blocking up the body's energy system.

What can EST help with?

EST is an effective approach that helps with many different psychological issues, habits and disorders, such as; stress and anxiety, smoking, addictions, insomnia and even help gaining interview confidence.

Shirley Mclean holds EST sessions at Prestwich Pharmacy. The techniques are designed to target the meridians (which are the channels of energy within the body).

The technique used is fantastic there is no acupuncture needed; simply finger tapping techniques on certain points of the body, combining with voicing positive affirmations.

It is proven that hypnotherapy is an effective way of dealing with traumatic events, disorders or bad habits. Shirley has a calming approach and goes the extra mile to make sure all of her patients feel relaxed and at ease - a vital factor in hypnotherapy.

If you are interested in the Emotional Freedom Technique treatment at Prestwich Pharmacy, or would like more information, please feel free to give Shirley a call on 07845594212.

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