Early Spring is the best time to deal with Winter storm damage with the help of Property Medics
16th February 2021
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Spring will be with us soon, already gardens and hedgerows are beginning to  come to life. We have all experienced a rough Winter and there could be more to come, we have had strong winds, heavy rain, some flooding and snow and ice! Rough weather causes a lot of damage, makes the garden untidy with wind-blown damage and makes our homes look a bit tatty and in need of a lick of paint.

Property Medics is a local company specialising in property repairs and maintenance, and a lot more, throughout the Bury and Greater Manchester area. They take great pride in offering expert services around the house and garden including small jobs or large projects such as entire house painting and decoration. Property Medics employs a team of highly professional people to maintain the quality of the work carried out hence their first-class reputation!

Property Medics will take care of domestic home owner property and commercial landlord owned property and they are installers for leading DIY store kitchens and bathrooms!

A result of windy and wet weather is the clutter that can accumulate in the gutters of property, which if left unattended can cause problems with damp walls inside the property and slip hazards below – we are likely to get a few more frosts causing icy pathways.

Repair tasks around the property can be looked after by Property Medics from runny taps to plastering an entire wall or electrical work, plus carpentry and a great deal more.

Property Medics can deal with garden damage too, tidying up, planting Spring or Summer plants, installing new fence panels where the wind has blown them flat or broken them etc.

Is your home in need a fresh coat of paint, some decorating work indoors? Property Medics are ready to help. After the Covid lockdown many of us are keen to change the look of our living spaces, living through lockdown has been hard but now is the chance to get smartened up and refresh your home. Property Medics will do the job for you, including plastering, filling holes, painting woodwork and wall papering. After the job is complete, they will put up the curtains for you too!

Hopefully, lockdown will end quite soon, meanwhile why not get in touch with Property Medics and ask them to call and give you a price for those jobs that need to be taken care of in time for Spring?

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